Welcome to Stroud Valley Velos


We are a group of cycling enthusiasts who love to ride in and around the Stroud area, for anybody interested in the roadie cycling experience, feel free to join in on any of the rides, see our rides page for more details, and on each and every ride we look after all riders and no-one will be left behind.

Join us via the British Cycling website

Update – 5 September 2021

All Sunday rides are now departing at the same time of 9:00am

SVV COVID-19 Update – 3rd April 2021


Sunday rides resume on Sunday 4th April with staggered starts and other changes. Please read on. 

  • Start Times will be staggered. If numbers require, each level will be split into groups of 6 departing promptly at 2 minute intervals. This interval must also be maintained on the road. Please do not arrive too early for your ride group and maintain a two metre distance while you wait for the start:
    • Sports Groups will depart from 8.50am at a target average speed of 18+mph (28kph)
    • Inters Groups will depart from 9.00am at a target average speed of 15-17mph (24-28kph)
    • Coffee Group (formerly Progs) will depart from 9.10am at a target average speed of 12-14mph (19-23kph)
  • Group sizes will be limited to 6 riders. This worked well when we tried it late last year, and given the size of the local roads is appropriate for our conditions. We know that British Cycling make mention of larger group sizes but as a club we have decided on this lower limit.
  • Ride Leaders will be pre-assigned. You may have seen posts asking for ride leader volunteers. We have identified a pool of willing members (more welcome!) and are trialling a new app to help organise. Ride leaders will arrive with the route loaded (but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to) and will be responsible for maintaining group order during the ride, including regrouping as required. Leaders will also help to ensure multiple groups do not merge on the road, for example at junctions or at the top of climbs. The leaders will also be making a note of attendance (see next point)
  • Track and Trace. Ride leaders will be making a note of riders in each group in case we find ourselves in a situation where we have to trace potentially affected riders. Going forward we will be looking at a simple method for members to “register” before each ride to say whether they plan on attending. This will help massively in ensuring we have enough ride leaders.
  • Coffee Stops. Going forward the “Progs” group will be renamed as the Coffee group. (The progs concept will continue with special rides series designed to help riders progress towards a particular target such as a century ride or improving climbing etc). The coffee group will follow the same route as the other groups but will include a coffee stop. If there are multiple coffee groups it is likely they will coincide at the coffee stop. Riders must not congregate in groups of more than 6 and must continue to maintain the two metre distance. And don’t forget your face covering.
  • Post Ride at Lockies. If you wish to stop at the end of the ride, please note that riders must not congregate in groups of more than 6 and must continue to maintain the two metre distance
  • Ride Schedule. The ride schedule for the next few weeks can be found in the events section of the club RideWithGPS site.

General Covid19 reminder:
If you are not feeling well please do not come to a group ride. The implications of coming to a ride feeling unwell and then testing positive for Covid are potentially significant for everyone on the ride.

FYI if you do test positive, we need to know if you have attended a group ride up to 48 hours prior to feeling unwell. All the information about what to do next will be given to you by the NHS. If in any doubt about having symptoms and feeling unsure about whether we need to know – please email rides@stroudvalleyvelos.co.uk.