Welcome to Stroud Valley Velos


We are a group of cycling enthusiasts who love to ride in and around the Stroud area, for anybody interested in the roadie cycling experience, feel free to join in on any of the rides, see our rides page for more details, and on each and every ride we look after all riders and no-one will be left behind.

Join us via the British Cycling website

Latest News– SVV COVID-19 Update


Sunday rides will now have staggered starts. Please read on. 

British Cycling have updated their group rides guidance. The relevant part for us is:

Multiple groups of six are permitted to begin their rides at the same location, however groups should be kept wholly separate, start times should be staggered and they should take different routes if possible to prevent groups from merging together during the ride.

At any mid-ride stops and the finish location you should continue to adhere to the ‘Rule of 6’, which prohibits groups of more than six from socialising together indoors or outdoors.

Consequently, until further notice, we will be staggering our start times:

Sports start from 8.50
Inters start from 9.00
Progs start from 9.10

Please try to arrive close to your groups allotted start time. 

If there are multiple groups at a particular level they congregate in groups of 6 and depart at 2 minute intervals. 

If groups meet en route ( eg hills, junctions or traffic lights) the later group(s) must hold a 2 minute gap before they set off.

It is important that you download the route and don’t just rely on being able to follow others. See previous posts about the new RWGPS account details.

General Covid19 reminder:
If you are not feeling well please do not come to a group ride. The implications of coming to a ride feeling unwell and then testing positive for Covid are potentially significant for everyone on the ride.

FYI if you do test positive, we need to know if you have attended a group ride up to 48 hours prior to feeling unwell. All the information about what to do next will be given to you by the NHS. If in any doubt about having symptoms and feeling unsure about whether we need to know – please eMail rides@stroudvalleyvelos.co.uk.