SVV Ride Leader Guide

Stroud Valley Velos Ride Leader Guide


We have put this guide together for all of you that are leading rides on behalf of the club. There are some of the things you will be expected to do as a ride leader and some helpful hints and ideas, if you have any questions please speak to one of the committee members in the first instance.

Your Role

As a ride leader you are acting on behalf of the club to ensure the enjoyment and the safety of the other people on the ride.

  1. Guide the group around the route as specified on the SVV Facebook page. Have an awareness of the route and understand the basic direction and terrain before the ride
  2. Restrict the number of riders in your group ideally to 8 including the leader, if a group is larger than this find another person willing to lead and then split the group
  3. Introduce yourself to the group, outline the route and the general speed of the group. Find out the names of the people on the ride and if there are any issues or concerns of the riders
  4. If there are people new to group riding a brief explanation of the etiquette and hand signals would be useful
  5. Ensure all riders are wearing a helmet (we will allow exceptions on religious grounds)
  6. Once set off, you need to monitor the group formation, considering:
    1. The initial stages should be ridden at the pace that you expect the rest of the ride to be ridden at – check if the pace is suitable for all riders
    2. Is the group riding together? If not, what adjustments can you make?
    3. Does everyone look comfortable riding in a group? Offer some reassurance
    4. Are riders observing good ride etiquette?
  7. Use turnings, top of hills etc as places for the group to come back together. Check you have all riders still with you
  8. Know what to do in case of emergency. See the guidelines at the end of the document.
  9. All incidents must be reported to the club on using the following form
Name of Reporting Person  
Date/Time of Incident  
Location of Incident  
Persons involved  
Description of incident  
Details of injury/damage  
Witnesses (if applicable)  
Action taken/outcome  
Any other information  



Hints and Tips

First Aid

St Johns ambulance do a first aid app for cyclists, this is available on both iOS and Android



ICE on iPhone

On an iPhone you can access a person’s emergency contact details by

  1. Press the Home button of the iPhone to bring up the passcode screen.
  2. Tap on Emergency in the bottom left corner.
  3. Tap on Medical ID at the bottom right corner.
  4. On the next screen, you will see the Medical ID which should include emergency contact details if set up

ICE on Android

Unless the person has an ICE app or has added an ICE wall paper this isn’t as easy as the apple phone

Group Riding Signals